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Sex on Trial

Channel 4 | Blast! Films (1 x 1 hr) First of a 3 part documentary series examining sexual assault cases in modern America. This programme tells the story of college student Nikki Yovino who, after reporting that she was sexually assaulted by two boys at a party, found herself being charged and sent to prison....

Educating Greater Manchester

Channel 4 | TwoFour (1 x 1 hr) Fifth instalment of the BAFTA award winning fixed-rig documentary series, this time set in Harrop Fold School in Manchester. I edited episode 1, which dealt with powerful themes of racial integration and islamophobia in the wake of the Manchester terror attack, and also told the story of…

The World According to Kids

BBC2 | BBC Studios (1 x 1 hr) Innovative mixed documentary & fixed rig series exploring the way children see the world. Filming 70 children in after-school clubs across the country, from a boxing club in Hackney to a bird-watching group on the Isle of Mull. Series Producer: Tom Williams; Executive Producers: Samantha Anstiss, Rachel Arnold;…

How to Live the Chelsea Life

Channel 4 | Special Edition Films (1 x 1 hr) Observational documentary following entrepreneur Adam Goff and his company, a highly selective house sharing property ‘club’ which boasts the opportunity to offer young professionals in London a millionaire’s lifestyle. Producer/Director: Miles Blayden-Ryall; Executive Producer: Ravinder Chahal

Lines in the Sand

Short Film | My Pictures Two young sisters with a secret arrive at a desolate beach. They promise to always stick together, but one has something far greater on her mind. (Received multiple official selections and awards on the festival circuit.) Director: Michael Gilroy; Producer: Martina Silcock

Famous, Rich and Hungry

BBC 1 | Love Productions (1 x 1 hr) Two part documentary series exploring food poverty. Four well-known personalities live with families who are struggling to feed themselves and their children. Series Director: Christian Watt; Executive Producers: Kieran Smith, Richard McKerrow