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Chitty Flies Again, with David Walliams

Channel 4 | Rare TV (1 x 90 min) Feature length documentary to be shown on New Years Day. In honour of his favourite childhood film, the classic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, comedian David Walliams explores the history of the film, and embarks on an adventure to build his own Chitty car... and make it fly! Producer/Director: Tom Peppiatt / Executive Producer: Rory Wheeler / Commissioner: Jonah Weston

Hunted (Series 3/4/5)

Channel 4 | Shine TV Ten ordinary members of the public are challenged to go on the run, and evade capture for 25 days to win a share of £100,000. Chasing them are a team of professional investigators, hackers, profilers and ex-police officers, all armed with the powers of the state. Executive Producers: Matt Bennett, John Smith, Tim Whitwell (Series 3) / Tom Williams, Tom Fulford (Series 4, 5) | Commissioner: Madonna Benjamin (Series 3), Ian Dunkley (Series 4, 5)

Further Back In Time For Dinner

BBC2 | Wall to Wall (1 x 1 hr) Follow up to the BAFTA nominated series, which sees The Robshaw Family go further back in time sampling food and family life at the turn of the century. This episode is the 1910’s which sees the family grapple with the deprivations of The Great War. Producer/Director: Kim Maddever; Series Producer: Nancy Bornat; Executive Producer: Emma Hindley; Commissioner: Donna Clark

Famous, Rich and Hungry

BBC 1 | Love Productions (1 x 1 hr) Two part documentary series exploring food poverty. Four well-known personalities live with families who are struggling to feed themselves and their children. Series Director: Christian Watt; Executive Producers: Kieran Smith, Richard McKerrow