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Council House Britain

Channel 4 | The Garden (2 x 1hr) First of a new observational series following the stories of residents and council workers in the London borough of Southwark - the borough with the highest volume of social housing in the capital. (I set the style and cut the first and second episodes, as well as finishing several others.) Series Director: Stevey Jones / Executive Producer: Clare Paterson / Commissioner: Madonna Benjamin

Hunted (Series 3/4/5)

Channel 4 | Shine TV Ten ordinary members of the public are challenged to go on the run, and evade capture for 25 days to win a share of £100,000. Chasing them are a team of professional investigators, hackers, profilers and ex-police officers, all armed with the powers of the state. Executive Producers: Matt Bennett, John Smith, Tim Whitwell (Series 3) / Tom Williams, Tom Fulford (Series 4, 5) | Commissioner: Madonna Benjamin (Series 3), Ian Dunkley (Series 4, 5)

The World According to Kids

BBC2 | BBC Studios (1 x 1 hr) Innovative mixed documentary & fixed rig series exploring the way children see the world. Filming 70 children in after-school clubs across the country, from a boxing club in Hackney to a bird-watching group on the Isle of Mull. Series Producer: Tom Williams; Executive Producers: Samantha Anstiss, Rachel Arnold; Commissioner: Tom McDonald

Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby

BBC2 | BBC Studios (1 x 1 hr) Giles Coren and Monica Galetti head to Mashpi Lodge – a spectacular isolated hotel in the middle of the Ecuadorean Cloud Forest. Through meeting the owner and staff, they discover how the hotel has helped to save the forest and changed the lives of the local community. Director/Producer: Tom Peppiat; Series Producer: Rebecca Templar; Executive Producer: Samantha Anstiss; Commissioner: Craig Hunter

Don’t Stop the Music

Channel 4 | Fresh One Productions (1 x 1 hr) First episode of a two-part documentary series. Acclaimed classical pianist James Rhodes believes every child should be given the chance to learn an instrument, so he embarks on a nationwide campaign starting with a struggling primary school in Basildon, Essex. Edit Producer: Kim Boursnell; Series Director: Tom Coveney; Executive Producer: Jeremy Lee

How to Live the Chelsea Life

Channel 4 | Special Edition Films (1 x 1 hr) Observational documentary following entrepreneur Adam Goff and his company, a highly selective house sharing property ‘club’ which boasts the opportunity to offer young professionals in London a millionaire’s lifestyle. Producer/Director: Miles Blayden-Ryall; Executive Producer: Ravinder Chahal